Recreational & Performing

Recreational Programs

The Recreational stream is offered to those who want to experience the FUN of gymnastics.
The main focus is to introduce girls and women to this wonderful and graceful sport.

All classes incorporate a small introduction to ballet, warm-up, stretching and light acrobatics. Each week we focus on a different apparatus (ball, hoop, rope, ribbon, and scarves) and teach the gymnasts the basic foundations of manipulation (throwing, rolling, and skipping) as well as gymnastics-specific skills and tricks.

Our recreational gymnasts perform at two shows - the Winter Show, and the Year End show - for which they learn unique choreographies, mastering the skills they have learned throughout the session.
Classes are from 45min to 1hr per week, and are divided based on the age of gymnasts. We focus on the Active Start 4 Life program as well as Long-Term Athlete Development.

Every session has a special highlight:
Fall Session - "Bring A Friend Week" & the Winter Show on Dec. 9
Winter Session - "Bring A Parent Week" & PRISM Report Cards & Pins
Spring Session - "Bring A Parent Week" & the Year End Show on June 16

Need help with funding? Check out JumpStart and KidSport

Performing Programs

The Performing streams are ideal for those gymnasts who would like a more focused and dedicated involvement than the recreational stream, but do not want to do competitive gymnastics.
These groups are divided by age group and train twice a week for 1.5-2 hours at a time. There is a strong emphasis on the basics of the sport - body awareness, coordination, posture, poise and group choreography. Gymnasts are also individually motivated with skill achievements. They move beyond recreational foundations and progress into the sequences and combinations that represent the building blocks of performing and competitive gymnasts.

Our performing groups participate at a minimum of 4 events per year with their unique choreography. These performances may include:
- Festival of Trees (late November)
- Elena's Winter Show (early December)
- Provincial Gymnaestrada (late April)
- Elena's Year End Show (mid-June)

Weekly Training: 2 x 1.5-2 hrs Gymnastics

Performing Stream is by audition only. Gymnasts must attend all hours in the class to be in the program.

For IntroCompetitive, please check out our Competitive Programs page. 
Recreational Class

What to wear:

Recreational gymnasts wear a bodysuit:
Parent & Tot, 4-5 class: Light-pink short-sleeve
Any dancewear store or Walmart, Superstore

5-7, 7-9, 10-13 class: Royal-blue Mondor long-sleeve (style 40097, 41097)
On Stage - 10004 79 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1R5  (780) 432-7998
- 15379 Castle Downs Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T5X 3Y7  (780) 457-0006

Legs: Bare legs for shows. For classes may wear black form fitting leggings or shorts.
Feet: Rhythmic gymnastics half slippers or bare feet.
Hair:  should be neat, long hair tied in a bun, ponytail or braids. Hair should not fall into eyes or face.
No jewellery, No gum, No shoes.

Recreational & Performing 2017-18 Schedule & Fees

Recreational & Performing 2017-18 Schedule & Fees


George P. Nicholson School - 1120-113 St. | Greenfield School - 3735-114 St. | Nellie Carlson School - 4110 Mactaggart Dr. NW | St. Teresa School - 11350 25 Ave. | Terwillegar Rec. Centre - 2051 Leger Rd NW, Gym  3

Recreational & Performing 2017-18 Terms & Conditions

1. Programs run for 35-40* weeks from September to June in three sessions:
Fall Session: September 14 - December 9
Winter Session: January 8 - March 24
Spring Session: April 3 - June 16
A gymnast may register for all sessions or just seasonally.The number of weeks depends on the weekday of the class is held and corresponding holidays

2. Session Fees include class costs, show costs and show costumes.

3. Gymnast must be the minimum age within one month of the class start date for all programs. Any exceptions must be approved by the Head Coach.

4. Minimum class size is 8, maximum 16 gymnasts. Junior coaches are provided for larger classes. Classes and coaches are subject to change due to registration numbers
and coaching availability.

5. Registration Fee - $45.00/year/family (non-refundable) includes registration with RG Alberta and RG Canada. This fee is not refundable. This is not included in the session fees. 

6. Payment plan: Total payment in one cheque or three post-dated cheques to be dated Sept 20/17; Jan 1/18; April 1/18 and must be submitted with Registration Form (online or paper) and $45.00 Registration Fee. Please, make cheques payable to ERGC. All cheques and forms must be submitted by the first class.

7. There is NO FUNDRAISING OBLIGATION in the Recreational Program. Families in the Performing Program must fill one (1) shift per gymnast for each bi-annual Casino. 2017-2018 is not a Casino year. For Casino years:
- 1 casino shifts per performing stream gymnast is required (2 shifts per competitive stream gymnast)
- $125 penalty deposit cheques per obligatory shift are to be collected at the beginning of the Casino year. If required shifts are not fulfilled by families, the penalty cheques will be deposited.
- For extra shifts that are filled by performing families, each shift will give a $75 credit towards the gymnasts' upcoming session fees.
- For any shifts that are filled by recreational families, each shift will give a $50 credit towards the gymnast's upcoming session fees.

8. Session Fees (Fall, Winter, Spring) must be paid in full. Cancellation prior to session start date will be given a refund of the session cost.
Cancellation prior to the third class will be given a refund for remaining classes in session.
No refund will be given after the start of the third class. No make up classes are allowed.

9. Participation will NOT be allowed without accepted registration form and fees.

10. Using carpets for recreational classes are a privilege. All families are expected to participate to help roll out and roll up carpets before and after classes.

11. Written notice of termination must be received two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of the following session. No refund will be made for missed classes.

12. Absolutely No Parents, Friends or Family members are allowed in the gym during training time. There will be special announced "Open Classes" where friends and family will be able to sit in during the class.

13. Proper attire is MANDATORY for all training, shows and competitions and must be acquired and worn by the 2nd class in the session.

Recreational Class
Recreational Class
Recreational Class