Terms & Conditions

Recreational 2022-2023 Terms & Conditions

1. Program Schedule: A full “Season” is from August 1 – July 31. A “Season” is divided into “Sessions” (Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer). A recreational gymnast may register for one or any number of Sessions within a Season. The number of weeks in a Session depends on the weekday the class is held and the corresponding holidays. Sessions are independent from each other but can also build upon each other throughout the Season.

  • Fall Sessions: September - December | Winter Sessions: January - March | Spring Sessions: April - June | Summer Sessions: July - August

2. Age Restrictions: The gymnast must be the minimum age within one month of the class start date for all programs. *Any exceptions must be approved by the Head Coach.*

3. Class Sizes: The normal minimum class size is 6 and the maximum is 16 gymnasts. Junior coaches are provided for larger classes. Classes and coaches are subject to change due to registration numbers and coaching availability. If a class is cancelled by ERGC, a full refund will be provided.

4. Spectators: The Gym needs to be a respectful area where gymnasts are allowed to participate in the class without distraction and interruption from spectators. As such, we ask that Parents, Friends, and Family do not stay in the actual gym during class time. There are viewing areas available in most facilities that are open to parents/guardians. There will also be special announced "Open Classes" & “Bring A Parent/Friend” classes where friends and family will be able to sit in and participate during the class.

5. Being Ready for Class: Proper attire is mandatory as described in the "Gymnast Checklist". Hair should be pulled back and secured away from the face (ponytail, bun, etc.). Feet must be bare, in grippy socks, or in RG half-slippers. No dangling jewelry. No Gum. No Shoes.

6. COVID-19: Elena's Rhythmic Gymnastics Club follows all public health guidelines as outlined by the City of Edmonton, the Government of Alberta, and Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta. As these may change, please refer to the municipal and provincial government websites for current guidelines.

7. Fees: “Session Fees” for classes include: 1) Class Costs which include show costs, show costumes, and progress reports as applicable. They do not include personal class attire such as leotards, leggings, etc. which are the parents’ responsibility; and 2) Registration Fee ($15/gymnast) which covers insurance & registration with Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta & Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique for that particular Session.

8. Fees Deadline: Session Fees must be submitted in full by e-transfer to accounting@ergclub.org PRIOR to class participation.

9. Fundraising: There is NO FUNDRAISING OBLIGATION in the Recreational Program. However, the bi-annual Casino is the Club's most important fundraiser to keep class costs down. 2023-24 is a Casino year. For Casino years:

  • Any shifts that are filled by recreational families are awarded a $50 credit per shift towards the gymnast's upcoming session fees. Contact info@ergclub.org if you would like to volunteer for the Casino.

10. Waivers & Forms: DUE Prior to Start of Class. Participation will NOT be allowed without the following signed & submitted forms:

  • Registration Form (Google Form)
  • Additional "Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta" waivers (will be provided if applicable)

11. Cancellation Policy - Recreational Program:

  • Cancellation 24 Hours PRIOR to Session START DATE will be given a FULL refund of the Session Fee (Class Cost + Registration Fee LESS $5.00 admin fee)
  • Cancellation after the Session Start Date and 24 Hours PRIOR to the THIRD (3rd) class will be given a refund for the remaining classes in the session (less $5.00 admin fee). The included Registration Fee of $15 will NOT be refunded after the Session has started.
  • Cancellation AFTER the THIRD (3rd) class has commenced will result in a class credit that will be held toward future sessions. The credit will be pro-rated from the time of notification. A refund will not be given.

12. Make-up Class Policy – Recreational Program:

We offer Make-up Classes for those times that you must cancel gymnastics class due to other commitments or illness. The following terms apply to Make-up Classes.

  • Make-up Classes have no monetary value. You cannot use banked make ups to pay for future classes/sessions. The monetary value was in the class that still went ahead in your child’s absence.
  • Make-up Classes are not guaranteed as they are subject to both your and our availability.
  • You only receive an opportunity to make up a missed class if you have notified your absence to info@ergclub.org 24 hours PRIOR to your missed class. Families pre-marking their absences creates opportunities for others to make up missed classes.
  • All Make-ups for missed classes remain on your account for the August 1 – July 31 Season. They will expire once the Season is completed on July 31.
  • You need to be an active current gymnast, having registered, and paid for the current Session, to use your Make-Up Classes.
  • Make ups can be booked by contacting info@ergclub.org for availability.
  • Make-Up Classes are not transferable between siblings.

2022-2023 Terms & Conditions: Competitive & Gymnaestrada Team

Noncompliance with the Terms & Conditions by parents and/or gymnasts may lead to the gymnast's withdrawal from the program. Full Program outlines & information will be available in the Program Handbook, provided at the start of the Season.

1.Program Schedule & Commitment: Participation in the Competitive Program is a full Season commitment, from September to June. Participation in the Gymnaestrada team extends the Season until the end of the Gymnaestrada event.

2. Trial Period: Each new gymnast will be under a 6-week trial period. After this period, the Head Coach may reassign the gymnast to another program/class if they deem it will be a better fit for the gymnast.

3. Annual Program Fees include:

  • Base Tuition fees for the full Season
  • Choreography & Music
  • Group costumes for the Winter and Year End Shows (if applicable)
  • Ballet instruction fees (if applicable)
  • RGA & GCG Membership fee ($60) valid from Aug 1-July 31

4. Payments: The Annual Program Fee is broken into 3 installments:

  • Installment #1 – due Sep 1
  • Installment #2 – due Jan 1
  • Installment #3 – due Apr 1

Installments will be divided and invoiced based on the Annual Program Fee of the gymnast. Payments must be made by e-transfer to accounting@ergclub.org by the deadlines. Cheques or sealed & labelled cash envelopes are also accepted. If another installment schedule needs to be arranged, please contact info@ergclub.org.

5. Additional Program Costs: Additional costs not included in the “Annual Program Fee” are:

  • Individual Training Attire & Equipment
  • Individual Apparatus for Training & Competition
  • Competition/Performance Attire
  • Team Uniform
  • Competition/Performance Entry Fees

These are the individual responsibility of the athlete and their family. All Apparatus and Competition/Performance Attire must first be approved by the Coach. Assistance will be provided in sourcing Apparatus and Competition/Performance Suits. Second-hand Apparatus and rental Suits are available.

6. Fundraising & Casino: There is no fundraising obligation in the Competitive Program, apart from supplying 2 shifts per gymnast for each bi-annual Casino. 2023-2024 is a Casino year. For Casino years:

  • TWO (2) casino shifts PER competitive stream gymnast are required. ONE (1) casino shift per performing-only (gymnaestrada) stream gymnast.
  • TWO $125 penalty deposit cheques (one per obligatory shift, post-dated for Oct 1), will be collected in September. If required shifts are not fulfilled by families, the penalty cheques will be deposited.
  • For extra shifts that are filled by competitive or performing families, each shift will give a $75 credit towards the gymnast’s fees.

7. Volunteering: As part of the Competitive and Gymnaestrada Team Programs, and for their own direct benefit, families are required to volunteer throughout the Season. The main volunteering opportunities include:

  • Assisting with Club Shows (Winter and Year End Show) and Club-hosted Competitions (In-house and Invitational).
  • Vacuuming the RG Carpets (to be kept in sanitary and good condition for our athletes).

8. Termination & Refunds:

  • Written notice of termination must be provided at least THIRTY (30) DAYS before a gymnast’s “Termination Date”.
  • In the case where an injury has required a gymnast to terminate their participation in the program, the Thirty Day notice period may be waived. A doctor’s note may be required.
  • No refund will be given for classes/training days occurring prior to the “Termination Date”. Families will also be expected to cover any additional expenses that may have been incurred up to the “Termination Date” (e.g., event registration fees and equipment/uniform/attire orders).
  • The $60 Registration Fee with RGA/GCG is not refundable once the season has started.
  • All refunds that are approved will be deducted a $5.00 admin fee.

9. Rescheduling & Cancellations: A margin of 1-2 cancelled classes that are out of the Club’s control (coach illness, facility closure, etc.) has been factored into the Annual Program Fees. If there is the possibility to schedule a make-up class due to an unforeseen cancellation, it will be done, but it is not guaranteed. No further refund for cancelled classes will be provided.

10. Attendance & Missed Classes: Athletes are expected to attend every practice. Absences, Late Arrivals and Early Departures must be notified in writing. Refunds are not provided for missed classes. The availability of make-up classes due to absence is not guaranteed.