A high calibre Interclub and Provincial/Western Regional stream competitive gymnastics program for those gymnasts who are want to pursue rhythmic gymnastics as a competitive sport. Regional and national travel opportunities are available. All competitive streams train 2-4 times per week and include ballet foundations integrated as part of their training or with a dedicated Vaganova Ballet Instructor. All levels in the competitive stream are by audition only and all new gymnasts are under a 6-week trial period at the start of the season.

Program Descriptions

Competitive "C"

This is an introductory competitive program based on the Interclub Stream. Gymnasts will gain the skills and confidence to perform a group routine with their teammates, mastering the foundations of rhythmic gymnastics, introduction to ballet, flexibility, coordination, musicality and intermediate apparatus skills with rope, ball, hoop and ribbon.

  • Typical season: Gymnasts will compete in 4+ competitions per season and perform in 3+ shows.
  • Total Weekly Hours: 4.5 hrs Gymnastics
  • Frequency of Training: 2x/week
  • Routines: Gymnasts master 1-2 choreographies. Showpieces may be added.
Competitive "B"

The foundations of competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics are the focus of the Competitive B program. Gymnasts learn how to train individually and begin learning the mental components of rhythmic gymnastics (focus, composure, relaxation and control). Gymnasts receive more challenging choreographies and more advanced apparatus and body skills. Strong technique and foundation are refined. Ballet is integrated as a part of their regular training.

  • Typical season: Gymnasts will compete in 4+ competitions per season and perform in 3+ shows.
  • Weekly Training: 7.5 hours/week
  • Frequency of Training: 3x/week
  • Routines: Gymnasts master 2 choreographies. Showpieces may be added.
  • *National Gymnaestrada 2022 Team opportunity*
Competitive "A"

Additional training time and frequency allows gymnasts and coaches to go deeper into skill acquisition, technique and mastery in Rhythmic Gymnastics. This program is for Interclub & Provincial stream gymnasts (depending on age) who choose Rhythmic Gymnastics as their primary extra-curricular sport. As part of their weekly training, Gymnasts receive more specialization in their individual gymnastics choreographies. This program is also recommended for those who already have a strong foundation in Rhythmic Gymnastics or significant prior experience in dance, ballet or artistic sports.

  • Typical season: Gymnasts will compete in 4+ competitions per season and perform in 3+ shows.
  • Weekly Training: 9 hours/week
  • Frequency of Training: 3x/week
  • Routines: Gymnasts master 2-3 choreographies. Showpieces may be added.
  • *National Gymnaestrada 2022 Team opportunity*



What to Wear

ERGC Team Uniform
(see Handbook)
- Team Jacket, Team Tank, Black Pants & Shorts - according to specifications
- Back-warmer, legwarmers
- Toe-slippers
- Additional appropriate training attire - Black leggings/shorts. Solid coloured tanks/leotards. White ankle socks.

Competition attire:
- Coach-Approved competitive leotards.
- Toe-slippers in good condition
- Nude coloured tensors if needed
- Apparatus that is needed for the level/program of the gymnast - Coach-Approved

· High bun or High fastened braid
· ALL bangs pulled/clipped back
· No hair in face

Competitive 2021-2022 Schedule & Fees *Fall Only* (Dec - June to be released later)

Planned Competitions & Events 2021-2022

  • December - Elena's RGC Competitive Winter Show/Party (Edmonton)
  • May– Elena's RGC In-House/Invitational Competition (Edmonton)
  • June - Elena's RGC Competitive Year End Show/Party (Edmonton)
  • June-July - Canadian National Gymnaestrada 2022 (Edmonton)

Full Dates info in TeamSnap.

External 2021-22 Events have not been confirmed due to the current pandemic environment. We will add dates if more become announced. In the absence of external events, ERGC will make more for our own competitive team!



During the start of the global pandemic, we switched our competitive training to online practices from March 23 to June 30, 2020. Each competitive stream received two virtual practices per week with their coaches. We were SO impressed with our athletes & coaches and the growth and connection they gained over this challenging time!

As a Club, we believe it is of utmost importance to continue supporting our gymnasts, not only for their physical health and well-being, but also to support them as part of our gymnastics family in radically different times.  We are proud to celebrate their successes and offer a continued sense of community - and strive to keep that our focus no matter what the future holds.

Now that we have returned to in-gym training, for more information on our COVID-19 Policies & Procedures, click here!

Additional Protective Measures during Covid-19

  • To facilitate cleaning and physical distancing, classes have been scheduled to allow a 10min break in between groups.
  • Our ERGC Rhythmic Gymnastics Carpets will be cleaned according to the RGA Carpet Sanitization Guidelines.
  • Daily Covid-19 Screening is required by ALL participants (Gymnasts & Coaches)
  • For Full Information, click here: COVID-19 Safety Plan + Policies & Procedures

Competitive Terms & Conditions

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions page.