Program Description

For those gymnasts who are want to pursue rhythmic gymnastics as a competitive sport, we offer high caliber Interclub and Western Regional/Provincial stream competitive gymnastics with regional and national travel opportunities. The gymnasts are driven to excel and grow within the sport. All competitive steams train 3-4 times per week including a Vaganova Ballet class with a ballet instructor  - the strongest foundation for rhythmic gymnastics. All levels in the competitive stream are by audition only.

This program is an introductory program based on the Interclub Stream (below) at a reduced 4.25 hours per week. Gymnasts train twice a week, with 1 hour of ballet included, and will compete with one routine at Interclub competitions.
Gymnasts will compete in 4+ competitions per season and will perform in 3+ shows.
Weekly Training: 4.25 hrs Gymnastics including 1 hr ballet
Routines: Gymnasts master 1 choreography. Showpieces may be added.

Interclub Stream
This program is for entry-level competitive gymnasts. Gymnasts learn how to train individually and begin learning the mental components of rhythmic gymnastics (focus, composure, relaxation and control). Gymnasts receive more challenging choreographies and more advanced apparatus and body skills. Strong technique and foundation is refined.
Gymnasts will compete in 4+ competitions per season and will perform in 3+ shows.
Routines: Gymnasts master 2-3 choreographies. Showpieces may be added.

Provincial Stream
Higher level competitive program for the Provincial or Western Regional stream. Gymnasts express a dedication and a strong application to their mastery of the sport. Routines are highly individualized to each gymnast. There is a strong focus on polishing gymnasts, while growing their flexibility and their strength.
Gymnasts will compete in 7+ competitions per season and will perform in 4+ shows.
Routines: Gymnasts master 2-3 choreographies. Showpieces may be added.

Training time depends on age category - please see the table below.


Planned Competitions & Events 2017-2018

  • December 2-3 tbd - Festival of Trees – all
  • December 9 - ERGC Winter Show - all
  • January 13/14 - Gym Power - all
  • February 17 - Arabesque Invitational (Devon) - all
  • March 10 - ERGC Invitational #1 – all
  • March 11 – North Zones – provincial level (mandatory)
  • March 16-18 - Planet RG Invitational (Vancouver)
  • April 7-8 – Brittney Hunt Memorial Invitational (Calgary)
  • April 28 – Time to Shine (Red Deer)
  • April tbd – Provincials - provincial level (mandatory)
  • April tbd – Provincial Gymnaestrada – all
  • June tbd – ERGC In-House Competition
  • June 16 - ERGC Year End Show
  • June 29 – July 1st – National Gymnaestrada (Richmond, BC) – ng/wg only

No Classes: Oct 9, Oct 31, Nov 9-13, Dec 22-Jan 7, Feb 19, March 2, March 26-Apr 2, May 18-22. Full info in TeamSnap.

There may be other competitions, shows, mall demos or festivals that come up.


What to Wear

ERGC Team Uniform In Effect
(see Handbook)
- Team Jacket, Team Tank, Black Pants & Shorts - according to specifications
- Back-warmer
- Toe-slippers
- Additional appropriate training attire - Black leggings/shorts. Solid coloured tanks/leotards. White ankle socks.

Competition attire:
- Coach-approved competitive suits.
- Toe-slippers in good condition
- Nude coloured tensors if needed
- Apparatus that is needed for the level/program of the gymnast - Coach-Approved

· High ponytail, braid, or bun
· ALL bangs pulled/clipped back
· No hair in face


Competitive 2017-18 Schedule & Fees

Competitive 2017-18 Terms & Conditions

Full Terms & Conditions are available in the Competitive Handbook under Resources. The 2017-2018 edition will be prepared for September 2017. Noncompliance with the terms and conditions by parents and/or gymnasts may lead to the gymnast's withdrawal from the program.

1. The competitive program runs for the entire year, from September to June. The full season runs in three sessions:
  Fall Session: September  - December       
  Winter Session: January  - March
  Spring Session: April  - June

2. The session fees include the base training fees from September to June, group costumes for the Winter and Year End Shows, and Ballet instruction fees. They do not include the $60.00 Registration Fee for Interclub, or the $100 Registration Fee for Provincial Level. They also do not include individual gymnast registration for performing or competitive events, nor individual costs pertaining to suits, competitive outfits, training wear, team uniforms and apparatus.

3. The $60.00/$100.00 Registration fee per gymnast per season covers registration with Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta and RG Canada. This fee is not refundable once classes have started in September 2017, but is refundable during the pre-registration period prior to class commencement.

4. Payment plan: Total payment in one cheque or three post-dated cheques to be dated Sept 15/17; Jan 1/18; April 1/18 and must be submitted with Registration Form (online), Waiver of Commitment (paper), PIPEDA Form (paper) and $60.00/$100.00 Registration Fee (online or cheque). Please, make cheques payable to ERGC.  All cheques and forms must be submitted by September 15, 2017.

5. Participation will NOT be allowed without accepted registration form and fees.

6. There is NO FUNDRAISING OBLIGATION in the Competitive Program, apart from supplying 2 shifts per gymnast for each bi-annual Casino. 2017-2018 is not a Casino year. For Casino years:
- 2 casino shifts per competitive stream gymnast are required, 1 casino shift per performing stream gymnast
- $125 penalty deposit cheques per obligatory shift is to be collected at the beginning of the Casino year. If required shifts are not fulfilled by families, the penalty cheques will be deposited.
- For extra shifts that are filled by competitive or performing families, each shift will give a $75 credit towards the gymnasts' upcoming session fees.

7. All families are required to participate in volunteer activities (organizing and helping with shows and competitions). All gymnasts must help with carpet setup and roll up. If parents wish to speed up the process, they are welcome to assist the gymnasts. These are not under the coach's responsibilities.

8. If an athlete wishes to terminate their enrollment from a program, a minimum of two weeks’ written notice must be given before the beginning of the following session. No refund will be made for missed classes or for the current session.

9. Each gymnast will be under a 6-week trial period at the start of their competitive season. After this period, the Head Coach and Senior Competitive Coach may reassign the gymnast to another program/class if they deem it necessary.

10. It is at the Head Coach's discretion to reschedule cancelled classes. The reality of cancelled classes has been incorporated into the session fees.

11. Absolutely No Parents, Friends or Family members are allowed in the gym during training time. There will be special announced "Open Classes" where friends and family will be able to sit in during the class.

12. Proper attire is MANDATORY for all training, shows and competitions. Proper attire and team uniforms is outlined in the Competitive Handbook. Gymnasts must be equipped with proper training attire by October 2017.