Since March 23, 2020, we have switched to training online! Each competitive stream receives two full virtual practices a week with their coaches. We are so impressed with our athletes and coaches and the growth and connection they have gained over this challenging time!

As a Club, we believe it is of utmost importance to continue supporting our gymnasts, not only for their physical health and well-being, but also to support them as part of our gymnastics family in this radically different time.  We will do what we can to ensure that gymnasts maintain good physical form, keep moving, and prevent re-injury once we can resume training, as well as offer support and motivation, celebrate their successes and offer a continued sense of community.

Program Description

For those gymnasts who are want to pursue rhythmic gymnastics as a competitive sport, we offer high caliber Interclub and Western Regional/Provincial stream competitive gymnastics with regional and national travel opportunities. The gymnasts are driven to excel and grow within the sport. All competitive steams train 2-4 times per week including a Vaganova Ballet class with a ballet instructor  - the strongest foundation for rhythmic gymnastics. All levels in the competitive stream are by audition only and all new gymnasts are under a 6-week trial period at the start of the season.


ERGC Competitive Team 2019-2020
Pre-Competitive: "CompIntro" (Born 2013-2015)

This program is an introductory program based on the Interclub Stream (below) at a reduced 3 hours per week. Gymnasts train twice a week and will compete with one routine at Interclub competitions.
Gymnasts will compete in 4+ competitions per season and will perform in 3+ shows.
Weekly Training: 3 hrs Gymnastics
Routines: Gymnasts master 1-2 choreographies. Showpieces may be added.

Competitive Foundations (Interclub): "Comp 1" & "Comp 2" (Born 2007-2013)

This program is for entry-level competitive gymnasts where the foundation of competitive rhythmic gymnastics is the focus. Gymnasts learn how to train individually and begin learning the mental components of rhythmic gymnastics (focus, composure, relaxation and control). Gymnasts receive more challenging choreographies and more advanced apparatus and body skills. Strong technique and foundation are refined.
Gymnasts will compete in 4+ competitions per season and will perform in 3+ shows.
Weekly Training: Comp 1: 4 hrs Gymnastics + 1 hr Ballet; Comp 2: 7 hrs Gymnastics + 1 hr Ballet
Routines: Gymnasts master 2 choreographies. Showpieces may be added.

Competitive Advanced (Interclub): "Comp 3" (Born 2001-2013)

This program is for more advanced Interclub Gymnasts who already have a strong foundation in Rhythmic Gymnastics or significant prior experience in dance, ballet or artistic sports.
Gymnasts will compete in 4+ competitions per season and will perform in 3+ shows.
Weekly Training: 7 hrs Gymnastics + 1 hr Ballet
Routines: Gymnasts master 2-3 choreographies. Showpieces may be added.

Competitive Advanced (Provincial): "Comp 4" (Born 2001-2013)

Higher level competitive program for the Provincial or Western Regional stream. Gymnasts express a dedication and a strong application to their mastery of the sport. Routines are highly individualized to each gymnast. There is a strong focus on polishing gymnasts, while growing their flexibility and their strength. These gymnasts will train with Comp 2 with an additional weekly practice to prepare them for the more challenging program.
Gymnasts will compete in 7+ competitions per season and will perform in 3+ shows.

Weekly Training: 9 hrs Gymnastics + 1 hr Ballet
Routines: Gymnasts master 2-3 choreographies according to their provincial stream level. Showpieces may be added.



Constable Daniel Woodall School (Windermere)
315 Windermere Rd NW, Edmonton

Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre (Terwillegar)
2051 Leger Rd NW, Edmonton

St. Thomas Aquinas School (Chappelle/Allard)
420 Desrochers Blvd SW, Edmonton

Westbrook School (Westbrook)
11915 40 Ave NW, Edmonton


What to Wear

ERGC Team Uniform
(see Handbook)
- Team Jacket, Team Tank, Black Pants & Shorts - according to specifications
- Back-warmer, legwarmers
- Toe-slippers
- Additional appropriate training attire - Black leggings/shorts. Solid coloured tanks/leotards. White ankle socks.

Competition attire:
- Coach-Approved competitive leotards.
- Toe-slippers in good condition
- Nude coloured tensors if needed
- Apparatus that is needed for the level/program of the gymnast - Coach-Approved

· High bun or High fastened braid
· ALL bangs pulled/clipped back
· No hair in face


Competitive 2019-2020 Schedule & Fees

Planned Competitions & Events 2019-2020

  • December 1 - Festival of Trees Show (Edmonton)
  • December 7 - Elena's RGC Winter Show (Edmonton)
  • January 9-12 - Gym Power Invitational (Edmonton)
  • February 21 - Arabesque Invitational (Devon)
  • February 22 – North Zone Regional Championships (Devon)
  • March 27-29 - Brittney Hunt Invitational (Calgary)
  • April - Limelight Spectacular Invitational
  • April – Provincial Gymnaestrada Show
  • May 2 - Elena's RGC Invitational (Edmonton)
  • May - Time to Shine Invitational (Red Deer)
  • May - Comp Team Tryouts for 2020-21
  • May – Alberta Cup Championships
  • June 11 – Elena's RGC In-House Competition (Edmonton)
  • June 13 - Elena's RGC Year End Show (Edmonton)

There are NO classes on Sep 23; Oct 14, 31; Nov 8, 11-13, 29; Jan 24; Feb 17-18, 28; Mar 23-28; Apr 10-14; May 18-20. Full info in TeamSnap.

There may be other competitions, shows, or festivals that come up.

Competitive 2019-2020 Terms & Conditions

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions page.